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  Description File   Language
Configuration Suite for Major 4a/5a
for Major version 3.20 and newer
(contains Major4a5a.exe V1.12 & Texteditor.exe V1.11)

msi-package   Deutsch
Configuration software for Major BOS 4a/8a V1.07

MBOS4a8a.exe   Deutsch
Configuration software for Major BOS 2a/2b V1.33
for serial number 3799 and newer

MBOS2a2.exe   Deutsch
Configuration software for FunkTronic devices

msi-package   Deutsch
Configuration software for Major BOS 2a/2b V1.08b
before serial number 3799

MBOS2a.exe   Deutsch

 Documents & Leaflets

  Descriptions File   Language
  CAD-Drawings of Desk-Integrated Major BOS X (dwg-Files) Tischeinbau -   Deutsch
  Equipment ED2 - ED3 Equipment ED2 - ED3   Deutsch
  Equipment K2 - K3 Equipment K2 - K3   Deutsch
  Devices approved according to e1 mit-e1.pdf   Deutsch
  Manufacturer's declaration concerning e1 herstellererklaerung.pdf   Deutsch
  Terms and conditions agb.pdf   Deutsch
  Ethernet Connections Ethernet-Verbindungen.pdf   Deutsch
  How to get to Wartenberg (scheme) anfahrt.pdf   Deutsch
  Conversion from dBm to mV dbm-mv.pdf   Deutsch
  Short manual for Hyper Terminal hyperterminal.pdf   Deutsch
  DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 iso9001.pdf   Deutsch
  Excel sheet register programming Major 4a + 5a
for versions older than 3.20
m4a5a_register.xls   Deutsch
  CE - declaration of conformity CE - declaration of conformity   Deutsch
  Table hexadecimal <==>Decimal tab_hex_dez.pdf   Deutsch